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White Siris Tree


White  Siris  Stem  Bark

White Siris Stem Bark

White Siris

Family : Leguminosae (Fabaceae)-Mimosoideae

Other Names : Thing Thon

General Features

A white siris is a perennial, high about 20-30 metres, with a straight smooth stem and a brownish grey bark. Ist leaves are bipinnately compound leaves, arranging alternately, with rhombic leaflets, wide about 0.75-2.5 centimetres and long about 2-6 centimetres. Its flowers and bunches grow out of a side branch. Small flowers are in tufts. Petals are white. Its fruits are brown plain pods.

Properties and Medical Uses

According to the Thai traditional medical textbook, a stem bark is used to be antiasthmatic and antidiarrheal. A seed is used to be carminative, stomachic and antiflatulent. A wood is used for treatment of hemorrhoid and to be tonic.

White  Siris  Flowers

White Siris Flowers


White  Siris  Pod

White Siris Pod